Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

How do some organizations make informed decisions while others are guessing or following a “hunch”?

  • Organizations that don’t become smarter and agile won’t survive.
  • Organizations can now analyze performance, influence their future, and make better decisions.
  • Manage with confidence and communicate with certainty using accurate analytics and data visualizations.

Making better data driven decisions goes beyond looking at the visualizations. It requires an understanding of the data and the transformation to a story about what is happening in the marketplace.

Our Business Intelligence and Analytics services help organizations to see through the noise and truly understand the story. Our innovative processes accelerate Time to Value (TtV) using agile methodologies allowing for rapid adjustment and improvement.

Organizations now understand that if the competition gets there first, it could be disastrous. Our predictive analytics methods help organizations to forecast and fill in the gaps.

Agile businesses need data mobility. Business leaders need to keep their finger on the pulse of the business anywhere and anytime. Our analytics services offer mobility and omniscient access to critical information.

The Innovatus Group Method

Our processes and methodologies utilize industry leading analytical tools, robust statistical methods, and comprehensive patterning strategies.

During the analysis, we have the capability to overlay our client’s data with additional market data to better understand patterns. This provides the ability to analyze existing customer behaviors, buying patterns, and sales trends, measuring, tracking, and predicting sales and financial performance.

Budgeting, financial planning, and forecasting are used in evaluating the costs and effectiveness of the recruiting and hiring processes, in addition to other organizational Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Additional Business Intelligence (BI) measures include:

  • Tracking and optimizing the performance of marketing campaigns
  • Web, social media, and e-commerce analytics
  • Risk estimation and analysis
  • Market entry analysis


Our processes deliver meaningful, actionable data-driven insights.