“Creative ideas are the raw material necessary for innovation, and a strong competitive advantage is conferred on organizations that are adept at eliciting creativity from their employees.” -Kantner

Organizations recognize that they must innovate to survive, yet the majority are failing entirely or merely innovating

Innovatus Group works with organizations to build innovative teams and processes which achieve meaningful results. Using several methods, we teach individuals and teams to be consistently creative and deliberately innovative. Our methods equip teams with the tools and insights to identify meaningful problems and empathetic solutions.


The Innovatus Group Method


Utilizing a method known as Design Thinking, we guide teams along the path to identifying human-centric needs for products, services or business processes which solve problems.

These methods develop insight not previously visible, generate creative ideas to be modeled and tested, and provide a framework for rapid iterative prototyping for solutions.

The Design Thinking method begins broadly in ideation to capture many options and progresses iteratively to a focused set of possible solutions. These solutions are what shapes the story and unlock creativity which fuels innovation.

“Creativity is a mindset, a way of thinking, and a proactive approach to finding new solutions.” – Kelly